Watercolour Painting

Traditionally an acrylic landscape artist, I recently began a foray into watercolor painting.  

Here is one of my favorites from my acrylic paintings collection

Why? for the last few years I have been painting landscapes and barns and windows, and although I enjoyed painting them, I knew I hadn’t quite hit my style.  I tried tight detailed painting, looser strokes, and for a little while, some artists studies, for example recreating many of Lawren Harris’ paintings.  Nothing quite felt like mine.


I would spend a lot of time whining to my husband about my lack of creative direction until one day he said, “why don’t you try painting local animals?”  I thought this was a bad suggestion.  I don’t know how to paint animals. I decided to to give it a try to at least make a show of trying this idea.  I decided I wasn’t going to use acrylic because acrylic and canvas can be expensive for experimenting and painting in acrylics can take a long time because

My first watercolor painting

there is this need to cover the canvas.  No, I decided I would use a less expensive medium: watercolor paints and paper ( I had only ever painted with watercolor once before and it was a disaster, and I never went back to it again).  I scoured the internet for some inspiration and came across a picture of a fox. Putting paint to paper I started experimenting. I produced my first ever, watercolor animal painting seen here to the right.  Replicating fur was difficult, but I learned a lot from this piece.  I posted it on my dailypaintworks.com gallery page and to my surprise, it sold two days later!  Maybe hubby was onto something.  My next

My second painting “Nutty Squirrel”

subject was a squirrel, which I thought was very weak, but oddly enough it earned the highest number of ‘likes’ on Instagram any of my paintings have earned thus far! Go figure! I guess people really like squirrels.  In my opinion, the painting was very rough.  I don’t feel like I quite got the tail right.  Please, let me know what you think?  I need constructive feedback as I start this new painting adventure.


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