Maple Key Fox

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Today I painted a fox to match my favourite painting “Monarch Fox.”  I fell in love with “Monarch Fox” so much that I decided not sell the original and it now adorns my logo and website header.  The print is still available for purchase on Society6, however.  As I had such an overwhelming response to Monarch Fox I decided to paint his brother, “Maple Key Fox, ” now available for purchase.






My first watercolor painting

The first fox that I painted was inspired by British watercolour artist, Hannah Dale.   If you don’t know who she is, you should check out her website .  My style is much different from hers but I enjoy painting the same animals that she does.  This first Fox entitled simply, as “Fox Looking” sold within a day of having posted it on DailyPaintworks.  It is pictured here to the left.  





Since then I have painted a few foxes because I love the color combination of their fur.  Some of my other fox paintings can be seen below, and the originals are available for purchase in my gallery at DailyPaintworks:

Sweetheart Foxes

Jumping Jack

Fox Hop

Maple Key Fox

Click on the picture to own the Original!

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