Foxes…again.. and a chick :)

Yesterday, I tried to record a time lapse video of me while painting.  The problem was, that the video kept freezing part way through and in the end, I ended up shooting the video in 4 parts.  Then, I had the technical challenge of merging the 4 videos into one… all in all, mainly due to slow internet ( I live in the boonies) the process took me all day – much longer than it actually took me to paint the picture.  So without much further adieu, here is the video below:



The finished product of the video is entitled “Fox Mama and Kit” and is now available for purchase at as an original, or purchase print through my Society6 shop.

Before trying the time lapse video, I also attempted to photograph a progress and finished product stages of a new painting I made a couple of days ago, “Chicky:”

In progress…

… finishing touches, complete







Here is the final product, also available for purchase as an original watercolour painting:

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