The Artist’s Way

“The act of making art is both scary and healing. Art brings light to places that have remained dark. Art brings perspective. Making art, at any level, is an act of courage and an expression of faith.”  ― Julia Cameron


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Julia Cameron, most famous for her book The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, has inspired readers to discover their creative side.  At the centre of Cameron’s book is the concept “Morning Pages.”  Morning Pages are the act of writing three long hand pages per day, in the morning, revealing stream of consciousness thought, which Cameron believes helps to unclog the mind and open it up to creativity.  I tried Cameron’s method and found it really invigorating.  To be honest, I didn’t keep it up.  Instead I replaced writing, with painting everyday.  For me, I found this to be just, if not more, therapeutic.

Julia Cameron also suggest two other rituals to ignite creativity, “Artist Dates” and walking.  The Artist Date is a once-weekly, date you make with yourself to explore something creative that interests you. Visit a gallery, take a pottery class, browse an art supply store, or take a walk and sketch or photograph what you see.  The internet has endless lists for ideas. Cameron believes that this kind of “play” feeds the creative mind.

Next to Morning Pages and Artist Dates,
the most potent tool for contacting inner
guidance and creativity is
walking.  ― Julia Cameron

I encourage you to read Cameron’s book to inspire your imagination.

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